Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

     I wanted to take a moment to just acknowledge 9/11.  I was lucky and I didn't know anybody killed or hurt on that day but I have met so many people whose life was directly affected.
     On 9/11/01 I was teaching at the same middle school I'm at now. I had just finished a class and was walking down to the teacher's room when I heard one of the staff freaking out about the 1st plane hitting the tower.  Some staff members were in the library with the news on. We are located about 30 minutes North of Logan Airport, so we were really nervous about what might happen locally.  We were asked to keep quiet and not let the students know what was going on outside of school. Parents were coming and dismissing their kids.
     We were given notice about students we worked with who might have parents and family members in danger. Other than the events in general- there are 2 distinct memories I have of that day. The first is hearing that a 6th grade girl in my class was the daughter of a Logan Airport pilot who was working during the day shift. I watched as this bubbly, kind, responsible, little girl came into class and all I could think is that she might go home and not have a dad. I couldn't even look at her during the class because I was heartbroken. (Her dad was fine) The 2nd thing I remember was realizing exactly how much responsibility we have as teachers. People drop their children off day after day and know that their children will be taken care of.  I have never taken that as seriously as I did that day.  It has greatly impacted me as a teacher. 
     Today I thought about the 3 soldiers I have adopted through Adopt A US Soldier. I am so grateful to our service men and women for serving and helping to ensure safety and freedom for my family.

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