Sunday, June 1, 2014

Index Card a Day challenge- card 1

Hello! It has been too long. My creativity outside of work has not been really being used so I decided to challenge myself with the Index Card a Day challenge. Anyone who knows me well will know that I am pretty insecure about anything related to visual art. So... here's my 1st card. The art prompt they gave was "Prism."  Don't expect anything fantastic, but it will be great for me to force myself out of my comfort zone.
    I miss blogging and writing more. I will really jump back in when I'm on summer break. I have been diagnosed with "golfer's elbow" and told to completely rest my arm for 8 weeks. With my job, I can't rest my arm. (I'm a music teacher)  So, I'm taking it easy- which means, less conducting, playing, typing, writing and carrying. I feel very disconnected. I'll try to do some short blog entries within the next few weeks.
    Here's my attempt with ICAD #1:
I used crayon, pencil and then a paint for sun catchers on top of the crayon.

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