Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back to school

    This week my boys went back to school. (I went back the week before.) I love the beginning of school. I love seeing the kids come in slightly nervous, but excited about a new year. I love the fact that, for many students, a new year is a chance to start again- no matter how good or bad the year before was. I love seeing the kids connect with new friends as well as meeting up with old ones. I love that my students come back in ready to start where we left off and ready to work hard. I also like being on the lookout for the kids who feel alone or nervous so I can help provide some of them a place where they can be themselves and be valued for it.  I read many articles about the downfall of public education but I assure you, there are many teachers who genuinely love their students and will do anything within their power to help develop them into good people who love to learn.
    Here are my boys and some info about their first week. Here is David:
He just entered 1st grade. We were blessed last year to have a WONDERFUL, caring teacher and I think we are just as blessed this year. He has 2 of his best friends in his class and he is super excited. He is excited to learn more things about math and he is even asking to practice some writing this weekend. Next week he will start all of his specialist classes, which he is excited about. He came home talking about art on Friday and how nice it was for him to see his art teacher. This little gem also came home in his bag. He said a lot of people in his class circled sad or afraid, but he was happy. I wish I could do this at the middle school level.
He started 3rd grade. Honestly, he was a little nervous about this year. There are a few kids in his class that gave him a lot of trouble last year and he only had 1 friend in the room. On a good note, he got the teacher he REALLY wanted (all of the teachers are great.)  So, we were hoping things would go well. At his "meet the teacher" day, he met 2 new students- one from Utah and the other from the UK. He has really bonded with the little boy from the UK and we actually went out for ice cream sundaes last night. I think they will become great friends and we feel super blessed that there is someone he feels like he can connect to. He is also looking forward to his specialist classes, building a working motor this year, science and being a reading buddy with a kindergarten student. I'm really proud at how he is trying to make the 2 new kids know that they are welcome.
    I didn't take a back to school picture of myself. I know you must be truly disappointed.. lol.
    On an interesting note, I read something today that said that little girls in the Ukraine wear flowers in their hair on the first day of school. What a beautiful tradition.

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