Saturday, January 17, 2015

Which celebrity would you write to?

   I am toying with the idea of sending a letter to a celebrity. I thought it might be fun to write to 1 celebrity a month for my little letter project. If you know me well, you know that I don't really care much about "fame and fortune."  I do however, think it would be cool to learn about some of them. I don't know who I would write to really. I honestly cannot think of 12 off the top of my head. Just for fun. Who would you write to in these categories:

- World leader?
- Actor/actress?
- Musician?
- Someone you respect?
- Famous person from the past, even if they're not alive anymore?
- Authors?
- Philanthropist?
- Someone in another country?

    Wow, I'm really bad at this. I can't even think of categories! Ha ha!!! So, who are some of your choices- even if they are really silly?


  1. Fun topic, Jen! When I was little, I wrote to a few celebrities. I actually heard back from Brad Renfro, Zachary Ty Bryan and... someone else (can't remember his name!) I still have my Brad Renfro autograph somewhere :) I've also sent letters to Green Bay Packers, and had a good success rate with rookie / new players responding. It always helps to send an SASE. (It betters your chance of getting a response) I'll have to think on your questions, and will get back to you :) Good luck with your fun new project!

  2. I've written to several celebrities lately, and heard back from 2. If you like Dick Van Dyke - he sends an autographed picture pretty quickly.The other celebrity I heard from is the man that played Burt on Broadway (Mary Poppins). He sent 2 autographed pictures to me! :D
    Also - if you want a reply, include a self addressed, stamped envelope. ;)

    1. Weird, I replied when you first wrote this but it apparently didn't go through. Which address did you use for both of them? That's cool!

    2. I sent the letter for Burt to the theater, but Mary Poppins isn't on Broadway anymore, so I don't know how to contact him.
      For my other letters I use That's where I got the address for Mr. Van Dyke. I have a page on my blog called "Alice Requests" where you can find the addresses I've used. :)

    3. Can I have a link to your blog? I don't know if I have it.

  3. OH! If you're hoping for a picture make sure you send an envelope big enough.