Friday, August 21, 2015

Road Trip 4: Greybull, Wyoming

I fear that some of these next memories are going to blend together. After exploring Badlands National Park and a bit of South Dakota, we drove to the historic Greybull Hotel. Along the way there were many gorgeous sites.

 There were 2 hummingbird feeders and about 10 birds. I loved the one with the red on his throat.
We ran into a crazy thunderstorm. You could see the lightning flashing horizontally across the whole sky. Of course there was not any other cars, houses, people, etc. in sight for miles so this was a little different from storms here in MA. We kept wondering what a serious storm would be like out here. I think these are in the order they were taking. It got super dark then cleared up. 

     About 5 miles out from Greybull, we were wondering if it was actually there. We hadn't really seen a "town" in about 100 miles. Luckily, it was there- though most of it was closed. This was our hotel, which was on the 2nd floor.This is a hotel that was built in 1916 and restored. I really liked it here. Oh, if you ever stay- at 9pm there is something that sounds like an air raid siren. It was quite nerve-wracking after driving through a storm. We wondered if it meant something serious. It was a signal to their volunteer fire department. At 9 the alarm goes off, anything after that is a real fire. Good to know ahead of time.  (The only negative about this hotel is that there is a railroad right by it and the trains kept me up a little.)

Our room. (Talk about an upgrade from the cabin)
Our bathroom

The boys had their own room adjoining ours. That was nice too. 
Greybull was about 3 hours away from Yellowstone's Entrance. Here's Yellowstone before we got to our campground at Canyon. This is Yellowstone Lake. The scale of this lake is humongous. It even had waves. Around here, the lakes are not this large. Look at the color of the water. The air was so fresh and crisp here. 

 ("No Tim, you can't go in." "I'm just going to put my feet in" Sound familiar family members?)

 Ok Ashley, these pictures are for you. These are taken on the road or on the side of the road that we were driving on, usually within about 6 inches from the edge of the road. Holy moly. I thought we were going to drive off the edge of the world. Thankfully Matt just drove while I avoided looking. I think going up these 9,625 feet was the beginning of our car problems.

Next up: Yellowstone and the animals

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