Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lovely Letters Penpal Exchange

    I stumbles upon Local Adventurer one day a while back and saw that they hosted a little penpal exchange. Being a snail mail nerd, I of course liked the whole idea of being paired up with someone random. On the other hand, I feel horribly behind in life so I debated whether or not signing up was a good idea. I decided to give it a go to see who I would be matched up with. The expectations for the swap are very clear so it wasn't any pressure.
     I got matched up with a woman named Karm from Arizona. She writes a blog about her family and their adventures being a football family. She also takes wonderful pictures! (Check out her blog here)  The theme for the letter/package was "back to school."  She has 4 sons so I could've sent some school supplies but I ended up sending football related treats instead. I wondered if back to school for her was also a time where she and her family got excited to getting back to the football season. (Kind of like I do for baseball season,) I sent her a travel mug that would hold hot or cold drinks, some Land o'Lakes Mint Cocoa *yum* and a puzzle of Gilette Stadium. I was a little nervous about sending New England Patriots stuff after this past season but... I hoped her sons would like it.
     I received her letter and package last week and it included some great stuff. I'm really excited to get to know her better. Here's a picture of the items she sent.
There was:
- a letter from Karm
-2 cups of tea. I'm drinking the white pomegranate tea right now. It's pretty yummy and nice for a chilly MA evening.
-a postcard
-an Arizona pencil
- Creme Brulee hot chocolate. I've never tried anything like this before. When I busted into the package tonight that's what I was going for, but the tea called me. :) I'll save this for another day!
- Stickers. 1 sheet for my students and the other 2 will be reserved for my penpals!
- Brown craft labels
- Blackboard labels.   I have always wanted to try to get crafty with labels, but never have. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm searching out the perfect use for them.
       Thanks again, Karm! I look forward to writing you back!

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