Monday, August 29, 2016

Last updated summer list

Today I started my 17th year of teaching. Students will start on Wed. Today was professional development about mental health and emergency situations. (Kind of a sober 1st day.) I would love to spend some time catching up but I'm exhausted and want to read for a few minutes before going to bed. So, here's my updated summer list. I did WAY less things than I had hoped, BUT it was still a nice summer and I really enjoyed the time spent at home with my kids. It was very hot and humid here this summer (and I intensely dislike heat), so we spent a lot of time inside.

Summer "To do" list:
-Visit a museum (x)
-Go somewhere touristy- x
 -Have a picnic x
-Make snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches. (Don't they look delicious? D is most excited about this)
-Go on a local bike trail (maybe this one, which we've never been to.)
-Make s'mores x
- Go camping
- Have a firepit x
- Go fishing (x- Well, Matt and David went)
- Go deep sea fishing (boys have never been) or a whale watch (? Timmy and I went to see the Hokule'a sail out)
- Explore some of the local towns for a day. x (Not local, but new towns)
 -Swim in a lake x
-Swim in a river (x)
- Swim in a pool  (x)
- Learn to surf (T)
- Do a puzzle (x)
-Stay in a hotel x
- Go to a different state x
 - Visit Dogtown
-  Eat at Woodmans (or get fresh seafood somewhere)
-Plan Quebec vacation  (Anyone reading from Quebec? Suggestions for us?) Did not happen this summer. Unsure when it will.
- Try to learn some French for Quebec
- Invite friends for dinner
-Visit relatives x
- Run around in the rain (x)
- Visit a farmer's market (x)
-See The BFG (x)
- Visit Pettingill Farm  (I have relatives that are Pettingills, I'm wondering if there are any relations.)
- Family tree research (Anyone into genealogy research? I'm stuck in a few places.)
-Watch fireworks
- Go to an outdoor concert. x
- Play a board game (x)
- Get an ice cream (x)
-Ride a roller coaster
- Catch fireflies
- Get slushes at Sonic (x)
-Go to a beach x
- Visit the Rochester Fair
- Canoe on the Ipswich River
-Make Brazilian limeade (x- We made this recipe and loved it.)   
- Visit Six Flags  

    I think I will try to make a fall list soon. Enjoy back to school! 

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