Sunday, September 24, 2017

Out of my comfort zone

Do you make friends easily? What's the oddest thing you've ever done in an attempt to connect with other human beings? Tonight I pushed myself way outside my comfort zone and I'm proud of myself.
Let me tell you about it.
     So, last week, a woman in a Facebook group that I'm in wrote a post about how happy she is that she lives in our town. I am too. She said that sometimes she feels disconnected because, as moms, we often put ourselves behind priorities like family, work, and our "to do" list. I agree there too. She mentioned that she owned a yoga studio and would like to meet some new people. So, as a gift to the local moms, she was going to invite them to meet and come to a free class. Now... I know some of you are thinking "How convenient, new people come in, try the business and she gains clients." I just didn't care. There are tons of members of this Facebook group and she could've just put an ad up rather than a personal invite where she also shared some personal information.
      I was grateful that a local business owner was reaching out so I posted something like "thanks for your generosity." This led to a few messages, one of mine saying that I wouldn't be going to the class because I teach during the day. She invited me to a class tonight.
      Here's the issue: Although I'd love to imagine myself looking like
Image result for public domain images yoga
I'm not even close to that shape. I'm overweight and out of shape. Just keepin' it real here. I thought to myself, "You should go. You might meet some nice people. Plus, it's exercise; even if you don't make any new friends, you're doing something good for your body." Then I thought, "Seriously, you're going to take up an invitation to a yoga class to meet someone when they are the TEACHER of the class?  Geez, that's going to be a great first impression that you give. What if it's one of those places where all the women show up in the same tiny shorts and a sports bra? How are you going to feel then?" I argued with myself a lot. (I always do.. and I'm pretty negative at times.)  Then I decided that I would push myself and accept the invite.
      I went tonight. I had a really nice time. Everybody was nice. I even made the shape of the image above (except my tree was thicker and a little wobbly.) I'm even considering going back. Ironically, I ran into a woman I had met while getting the boys' hair cuts a few weeks ago. She invited me to a yoga class at the library. I might even try going to that. I'm really proud of myself for pushing myself. The women I met were great too!
      What's the most recent thing that you've done outside of your comfort zone?

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