Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mail 1/8

366 Project:

Sent: 12 
Received: 9 


     Another great mail day. Here's the loot:
     Thank you note from my sister-in-law. You're welcome :)

     A somewhat funny story from the 3 pictures above. As I was walking toward my mailbox today, I got this sweet smell that wafted through the air. When I took my mail, I realized that the smell was my mail. It is a lovely card from my penpal Miera in Malaysia. She also sent some goodies- beauty samples and a ticket. You know me well- the Lancome cream has SPF 50. Unfortunately, it looks as if all of the samples were squished so all of the shampoo and lotion was all over the envelope and the bottom of the card. Thanks for sending them though.
    This card made me laugh today. This is a postcrossing card from Germany. The children talking to Santa Claus are saying "We regret nothing." Ha ha ha!!!

US-2585313 to Russia

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