Thursday, April 2, 2015


    I got my first card from Kazakhstan today. This is "Medeo" the mountainous ice rink.  Cool huh?
Lana, the Postcrosser who sent it to me, also recommended 2 bands to me-Ulytau and Urker. I especially like Ulytau.   Thanks!

     In other news, I sent a card to each kid who sang in the musical this year. They did this huge, really personal  presentation where many of them thanked the drama director and I. I wanted to say thanks and write them a small message. They got them yesterday. At least 10 kids found me at school and told me that my words meant a lot to them. I think that we often consider how our negative words affect people but we don't recognize how we have the potential to breathe life into people with a kind word. Sometimes people, especially students, just want to know that people notice (and care) that they exist. I challenge you to just write a quick, kind note to someone over the next week to brighten their day.

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