Friday, April 3, 2015

random catch up

   Just returned from the post office with the intention of sending these goodies to Ireland in a Postcrossing swap.

   Those Coconut nest candies are my favorite at Easter (with Cadbury mini-eggs as a VERY close second). Unfortunately, when I got to the post office, I saw that it was missing from my package and that I had left it on my desk. So... I ate it. Sorry if you are reading this Brian! There is also a New England Patriots ceramic magnet in the package. I don't know how I forgot to photograph it. It's been one of those days apparently.   I don't know the user that I'm sending this stuff to so I'm really hoping he likes everything. (In my shopping for this package, I also got suckered into buying about $20 of stencils, stickers and art supplies.) Brain is one of the moderators on the Postcrossing forums so I imagine he does a ton of work with these swaps, many that I have benefited from.

       While I was at the post office, I also picked up their newly released From Me to You stamps. Cute.
From me to you stamps
     Okay.. I need to force myself to do something productive.. like art or snail mail. lol.

      For my Christian friends, I hope that you have a blessed Easter! What are you doing? My parents and niece are coming to church with us and then coming over for dinner. I'm looking forward to it.

Easter Sunday Bible Verses


  1. DUDE! Those stamps are stinking awesome! I haven't seen them yet.... Jed recently got me the vintage rose ones... but I MUST.HAVE. these too! Ha. I'm with you on the Cadbury Eggs = love! You're so awesome at updating your blog. I need to be better with mine. I'll try for an update today. We had to purchase a new computer this week. We celebrated Easter with my parents a few weekends ago, because Jed is working days this weekend... but, we're still doing our regular traditions- resurrection eggs, baking resurrection cookies, and a small egg hunt. Happy Easter, my friend!

    1. I knew you'd love those stamps! They immediately made me wonder what cool things you would be doing with them. They just came out Wednesday.