Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick mail catchup

     I have not sent any good mail lately. I have been buried in work for a few weeks. This is my last insanely crazy week. (5 performances/field trips in a 2 week span) I sent out a quick letter to my 2 ChemoBuddies. (If you're reading, I'm so sorry it has been so long) I took a few minutes out of my night last night to get a few postcrossing cards ready to be mailed.
 This card that I made from Washi tape is headed to Poland.

     This card is on its way to Russia.

As for incoming mail, I have gotten a few cool things recently.
 As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of the GoodReads giveaways. I entered for this book of short stories but I didn't win. Then I got a nice e-mail from Jacob M Appel, the author, asking if I would still like a copy. I received it a few days later. I'm not a huge short story fan but this seemed kind of different. I'm willing to give most books a shot. So, thanks Mr. Appel!
Postcrossing card from China.

     I have not been great about updating the project log. I will try to catch up when life slows down a bit. I will try to blog more then too. The Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day challenge starts again soon so I will be adding some art here too if I'm brave :)


  1. I love the washi tapes you used to make the card. It's so patriotic and very pretty.

  2. Nice mail, Jen! :) I hope to read your news soon! :) And I hope you start up the Daisy Project, too. I'd love to see it again.