Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to school- Boys

     Today my boys headed back to school. Timmy is entering 4th grade and David is in 2nd. It amazes me how different they are from one another. I'm hoping for a wonderful year for both of them. Here are a few back to school pics:

Just for fun, here's back to school 2014: (No teeth for David!)


     I don't seem to have 2012 in the same spot! Where the heck are they? Well, here's a random February of 2012:


     There you go. It's crazy how they seem  so much more grown up than these first pictures here, but really are still the same. I had a really weird moment when I walked into the middle school cafeteria during 5th grade lunch and realized that they all looked like Timmy. It will be really odd when he is in the grades that I teach (though I don't teach in our district.)
    Happy back to school!