Monday, February 11, 2013

Luthuanian postbox


    I was hoping between the blizzard (aka.. no mail on Saturday) and being part of Lettermo that my mailbox would be flooded today with wonderful goodies. Alas, it was not. I got 1 postcard from Lithuania. On a good note, I really liked it. It is from Fredda, a postcrosser. I really like the Lithuanian post box. I love mailbox/mail related cards. 

    I also wanted to share a picture of the postcard and sunglasses I got from Lamberto in Italy since I hadn't photographed them the other day.  Again, thanks!


    Being locked in a house with a travel ban on the roads has been great for my writing. Over the past few days I have finished a letter and a bunch of postcards. The letter is going into a package but I haven't been able to send that yet. (Today has been awful all around. Hopefully I can focus later.)  Here are some of the things I sent.


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