Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mailbox happiness!


     We went on vacation for a few days and I came home to a lovely stack of mail. Here it is:
 From a postcrosser in Belarus. I don't have many long cards like this.
 Timmy loved this pig card from a postcrosser in the Netherlands.
 Here is a winking gnome from Stefanie, a postcrosser in Germany.
 From postcrosser, Liyn, in China. They work for a chocolate company. The chocolate looks delicious. The top of the card says "Every piece of Choc Choco tells a story" My chocolates are usually screaming in fear.. lol.
 This is from a Lettermo friend from Georgia. I love postcards that are mail related!
 Another new Lettermo friend. Missy is from Arizona. I love the Mother Theresa quote. Missy, if you're reading this, you should check out a woman named Mama Maggie Gobran. She works with the street children of Cairo, Egypt and is the most humble person I have ever heard speak. If I remember I will add some of her quotes to your letter.
Mail from South Africa, Australia, Maryland and Virginia. The woman in South Africa is a fairly new penpal and the other 3 are fascinating new pals from Lettermo. I'm so excited to that I joined this year.
  Reading back in the blog, I realized that I needed to update a few other pieces of mail too.  This was from last week. Sorry I have not been good about updating this week. 

 Package from my friend, Akiko, in Japan!
 Ooooh! Exciting.
 Oops... this was out of order. Great postcrossing card. It's in the other room so I don't remember off the top of my head where it is from.
 Tea from Japan- this will make me feel beauty... good stuff.
 Nice postcard from Akiko
 Tsurago Castle in Japan
 "The Big Bad Wolf and the Seven Little Goats" Akiko, is this a story? We don't have this story here. You will have to tell me it.
 Chocolate- white, milk and dark!
 New Lettermo friend from Indiana. I love the card. She made the photo below as well.
       Lastly, I got a letter from Wendy (Lettermo) in Australia. I grabbed it on my way off for vacation so I didn't take a picture.
     I can't complain about not having any mail this week! Hopefully it keeps up like this and I can write like a madwoman to keep up!


    Didn't take any pictures of mail on vacation but I mailed 3 of my soldiers, a penpal package (Melanie's) and a few Postcrossing cards. Here are my new numbers since it's been a while.

The 366 Project:

Received: 31
Sent: 59

     Today is the 52nd day of the year so I'm still on track!!! Woohoo! 

    Off to write some letters.  Today I saw that my page has hit 2000 page views. Yeah!


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  1. about "The wolf and the Weven young kids",this is one of German brothers Grimme works.I loved the grimme's works. of course I read the story again and again when I was a kid.
    please check this know the story:)