Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bible study


    So, most of you who know me know that I attend church, but you may not know too much about my faith. There have been some times where I have shared my faith in Jesus and other times where I have been quiet so I don't cause a stir with anyone- even though I have openly talked about things God has done in my life. I wanted to share with you a Bible study group that I have been involved with for the past 2 studies. Perhaps if you have wondered where God is in your life and want to know "what's up with all the God stuff," maybe you could check out the study. 
    It is called Hello Mornings and the basic jist is that you are involved in a group online whom you check in with daily. Each morning you start your day reading the Bible passage. Sometimes I have just read, other times I've done some pretty in depth studying- it depends what you'd like. It also encourages you to exercise too but, honestly, I seem to be able to do 1 or the other when the school year starts.  There is no pressure if you're not checking in by a certain time, etc. You can participate as much or as little as you want. I thought I'd share with you because the group I'm in this rotation has been a great blessing. The women in the group are from all over the US and a few in Canada.
    The study this rotation is about the book of Ephesians in the Bible. The book of Ephesians was actually a letter written by the apostle Paul to the church in the city of Ephesus (now in Turkey).  If you get involved and have any questions, please feel free to message me- I'm not a Bible scholar but I can answer some questions and have some resources for some of the tougher ones!  If you have never experienced the hope of Jesus Christ, I hope that you will consider at least visiting the page to see if you might be interested in the study or reaching out to someone who can share with you.

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