Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beautiful children's book and postcards

     Yesterday was a great mail day. I got to my mailbox to 3 postcards and no bills. Then, on my porch, I tripped over a package that I hadn't noticed before. It was another Goodreads win. This is a children's book but I entered  to win it because I thought the boys might like it and the art was nice.

Gnoman's  Land is a book by Mark Forker and Shannon Kachline. It is about a young girl named Mya who is looking for an adventure. So, she dresses up as a butterfly fairy and goes to seek her adventure in the backyard. She is sent from one character to another.  If you are a teacher, this would be a cute book to read out loud to the class. The text alternates between poetry and prose and has a few lines that are repeated enough that all of the kids would know what the sentence said. In addition to this, the illustrations were beautiful. (My boys were a little freaked out by the dragonfly but every other page was a hit.) There were many little details in the book that the boys pointed out to each other. Here are a few illustrations. (I took these from the Gnoman's Land website, with permission)

   Shannon's drawing's remind me a little of the artwork of a friend of mine. I would love to be able to draw like that (or even color like that!) Shannon, if you're reading. I love the smiley clouds. David liked the rocks the best. Thank you again for the book. (Mark and Shannon also signed the book and wrote a little note, which I thought was very sweet. So, if you know someone looking for a nice, new children's book, pass along the recommendation or buy one for your school. I might actually buy one for our school's library. 

     I mentioned postcards too. Here are the received cards:
   This one is a postcard I received for the Penpalling &Letters Surprise swap. It is from Heike in Germany. This castle was used in a Cinderella movie that she saw as a child. How beautiful is that place?
 This is a Postcrossing card from Germany. I would love to just stand on that bridge nd look out over the fountain. I would love to visit Germany again. I went a long time ago; in high school when I sang in a tour of Europe. We traveled to so many places that it became a blur, Germany made a great impression and I would love to go back someday.
   This is another card received through the Penpalling &Letters event. It is from Essex, England. Thanks! 
    In other news, I've sent a few penpal letters, a few ChemoAngels letters and a few Postcrossing cards. I'm looking forward to our upcoming vacation. I've put my mail on hold while we're away. I'm hoping to come home to a humongous pile of mail love. :) 

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