Friday, July 17, 2015

Postcards and GoodRead wins

   This past week I took part in the Penpalling& Letters (Penpal Group on Facebook) Surprise Postcard Event. I have a ton of cards and my mailbox was slow so I decided to send a card to almost everybody who signed up. (Rather, I sent a card to everybody who was signed up by the time I printed the address list.)  I realized as I was logging things that I have sent over 125 postcards this year! I wish I could say the same about letters.
    I got some good mail over the past few days too. Here are the books and postcards that have come in!
 This is my first received card from the P&L Postcard event. This is the Trifels (3 rocks) Castle in the Palatine Forest. It is sent by Melanie, who spent time as an au pair fairly close to where I grew up.
      I loved the title of this book when I saw it on the GoodReads giveaway page. As part of my job, I'm used to talking to 150 different personalities a day. (Sometimes all in 1 kid! Just kidding!) I don't struggle to converse with people I don't know well but sometimes I, honestly, have a hard time if conversations I have with people are shallow all of the time. I also have a hard time "loving" or being around annoying people. Ha ha... because I'm NEVER annoying, sigh. In all seriousness, sometimes I can be judgmental or have a tendency to not give people a chance if they have made mistakes. Honestly, I am glad that I recognize this in myself because it helps me to be open to people that I might not feel that I fit in with. It also makes me notice if I'm sounding a little "holier than thou."
    On the other hand, I'm friendly and I genuinely like spending time with people. So, sometimes when I see an acquaintance and speak with them for a while, I actually remember their name or say hello if I see them again. Sometimes, especially being a New Englander. people look at me like I'm really weird for being friendly. (This is why I married Matt.. he's super anti-social.. again, just kidding.) I actually had a conversation with a few moms at a birthday party yesterday. They were trying to figure out how long we've known each other and both said that I am "a person you feel like you've known for years." My insecurities yelled- "yeah, because you talk so much" or "it's only been 1 year? Gah!" but they said it was a good thing and that I was personable and they felt like they could talk to me on a "real" level. I laughed when I got home and saw this in my mailbox right after that conversation.
 This is a postcrossing card from a grade 10 student in China. "My love, you are like a flower"is printed on the back. I don't know what is written under the heart on the front.
    Another Goodreads win. I am not a huge mystery reader but this seems a little different. I look forward to trying the recipes. The author also signed it and wrote me a small note on the inside of the book. Thanks!

   In other news, I still haven't shared too much about our upcoming road trip but let me tell you right now that I have been worrying endlessly for at least a week. I have also discovered a few things about myself this week. Some of these things I already had glimpses of but many things have been put into a different perspective this week.


  1. I think I forgot to comment on your last post... you will have to let me know how the video game book is. Do your boys play games? Do you limit their time? Ashton has the tendency to become "addicted" to playing, even though we have time limits. Sometimes it affects his mood, so I know it's something we will have to keep within limits. It's funny because nothing else has that affect on him. So yeah, I'm curious to know more about the book :) I can totally relate to what you wrote about in the 'big' paragraph of this blog post. Sometimes when I am around people, I find myself thinking, "It's like I know all of your stories... and you don't know any of mine." Anyway, I'd love to know more about the Neighbor book too. (Gee, I bet the easiest way would be for me to just actually READ the books, right? Heh) Anyway, I'd love to chat more about what's been worrying you about your trip. How can I pray for you? I know you are going to have the most amazing time! Hugs!

  2. Ashley, Right now we do not have any limits on playing that are set in stone. Our bigger problem is that they might watch tv then try to switch to a tablet then attempt to go to a video game. If there are too many screens, all screens go off. If they fight over a video game, off.
    Regarding my trip, I'll e-mail you.