Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Random- life, cards, etc

   Tonight is going to be a bit scattered because I have a lot of stuff we've done but am not feeling focused.
    Regarding mail, I've been really good with sending at least 1 piece of mail a day out but most of it has been Postcrossing cards. The good thing about that is that pretty much guarantees that I will be getting mail back. The bad part is that I still have some major penpal guilt. Here are some of the pieces of mail that have come in this week:
 From Belgium
From China- from the same Postcrosser who sent me the mystery lollipops!
From Spain, depicting Don Quixote. 

    Family adventures:
Timmy had a baseball practice and David and I had a few hours. So, we went to see a local band perform at our town's summer concert series. They were great and I caught a picture of David having a blast dancing around. We had just stopped giggling at 2 older women to the left of them dancing to "All About the Bass."

David asked to go to the library to do Lego club. he has always been very orderly. Some kids had some extremely creative, piled up creations. David had a simple house with a garage. He's very like me in a mathematical/orderly sense.

 On the 4th of July, our town has a Horribles parade. David's kindergarten teacher from last year retired and a whole bunch of families marched in her honor. Her daughter brought her to the parade and it was so cool to be a part of the 35 people or so that came out to recognize her. The kids won a trophy for "Most like" our town and they cheered and jumped up and down. Then they grabbed the trophy and immediately ran and gave it to the teacher without any adults asking them to, Super cool moment. This is the sign David labored over (for 2 hours) and the shirt we made together.

     After the parade, I surprised the boys with a little red, white and blue treat. Yummy.
 Can you find David? The other day we spent a few hours at the playground and came home for some rest before baseball. Timmy is reading (as always).. in the middle of our driveway.
 Find David yet?
And there's David.. in the tree.
Timmy made a new friend. Ew. Notice that his eye is STILL black from the beginning of baseball season. This is after all of us went mini-golfing. Matt won... as always. 

     Other random items:
Just got a brand new vacuum. I'm going to use it right now. I've never been so excited for a cleaning product.
Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum

   This freaky blimp has been flying around our area. It feels like it's staring at you. There's a contest that if you take a picture of it in your town, you can win a ride on the inside. It's nice in there, but I'm not interested.
The 125-foot long, 44-foot high blimp has a top speed of 35 mph and operates on 69,000 cubic feet of helium.

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