Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finally have some incoming and outgoing mail to share...

     First of all, thanks for stopping in again. Today I have incoming and outgoing mail to share. :)
 This card is from Kate in Russia. It is of the Altai region, where she lives. She says there are many places that look like this where she lives.
     Her envelope to the card made my day. The front was really nice but I forgot to remove the addressed so I'm not posting it. What a nice treat it was to get the "Have a nice day!" message as I was opening my mailbox. The green on the edge of the envelope is stitching. It's really cool!
        As an extra treat, Kate included these 2 Russian advertisements for these films. Kate, here is the American movie poster for Brave.
Brave 2D

This is on its way to Russia. 
 And this one is going to Germany. You can't really see it well in this picture but the corners of the postcard are cut almost like arrows. It's kind of different, which is why I bought it. 

The 366 project:
Received: 12
Sent: 34  

     I need to sit and write for a while over the next few days! 

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