Monday, June 25, 2012

I think my mailwoman is conspiring against me...

     Ok, in all seriousness my lack of mail and packages has been sad lately. So, hopefully more letters will come in.  Although picturing my mail woman sitting in her US postal truck eating my chocolate from Estonia, Turkey or Finland or wearing my Germany bracelet (Sorry Jenny, still not here!) is kind of amusing, I'm starting to wonder where all of these parcels have gone.

Mail out:
    Here is a postcard I sent to Oregon today. The Postcrosser mentioned that they liked "odd cards" so:
      To add to the odd factor, I told the user about my crazy night last night where 6 teens "escaped" from a drug rehab center, tried to break into a gas station and then ran and hid in the woods behind my house. The police and K-9 units came and searched the woods for quite a while. They got at least 4 of the guys. I was very impressed watching them take care of everything. (If you're an officer, thanks for your service and for taking care of the families of your community!)
     I also sent a letter to my penpal, Jesslyn in Denmark. (I'm hoping you haven't gone back to Singapore yet!) 

The 366 Project:
Received: 12
Sent: 34 

    Please feel free to share my page. If you're a letter writer and would like to write a letter to tell me a little about yourself, I would love that. If you message me I will send you my address or, if you'd rather I write first, send me your address. Thanks!

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