Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dabbling in art

Hello friends. Happy summer vacation! Unfortunately, my first day of summer vacation with the kids, I ended up in the hospital being checked for meningitis. Gratefully, I didn't have that- but, 4 days later, I found it I did have pneumonia instead. It has wiped me out but I'm starting to finally feel like myself.  Here's some updates with the mail and my ICAD challenge.


   After the last time I posted, I started feeling a bit of pain in my arm. It ended up being golfer's elbow. (Yeah, I know, not a fun health year.) No, I don't golf. I had about 6 weeks left of school. The doctor said that I "shouldn't be carrying, playing (piano/percussion/anything else), conducting, typing or writing."  Then she laughed and told me that if I promise to be careful, I can rest my arm a lot over the summer and still work. So, I basically didn't do any of the above mentioned things that I did not "have to."  This summer I plan to take it slow but since I'm not working I think I can do a few creative things. Here's my ICAD card today. I attempted birch trees using watercolors and black marker. It looks weird because I forgot to add branches. Oops.  I kinda like it anyway.
Jennifer Bowler's photo.
     I'm getting a little more brave as I go. Oh, speaking of brave... wow, what happened to my spacing.. I also went to my first paint nite. Want to se my lighthouse?

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