Saturday, July 19, 2014

Incoming from the US and from Russia

I am not finished with my ICAD card yet but I wanted to share my two postcards I have received today.

    This one is from Korana. She is a photographer in UT. Check out her beautiful photographs! Calexico is a band. I listened to a little bit of them and I like what I heard so far. I listened to 2 songs and they were completely different in style. I like groups with variation.

I love how vibrant the colors are on this balloon. I have come to learn that I really like the ideas of hot air balloons. I think I would be afraid to ever go on one, but I love seeing pictures. I'd love to see the huge hot air balloon festival in New Mexico sometime.
     Elvina also sent me some really pretty stamps on the back of the card. One is of Ludmila Zykina, who is a Soviet singer.

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  1. Both cards are really cool! That last one is my favorite though!