Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ICAD, Postcrossing and mail art

     Today was a creative day! (Don't look at my kitchen table!) I created a card for ICAD with the prompt dala horse- which is a traditional in Sweden. I wanted to be brave and try to paint one. When Timmy saw me creating he asked if he could come paint with me. So, the first card is my dala horse. The second is Timmy's horse drinking out of a trough. (Bet you didn't think you'd be able to tell whose was whose..lol)

   In addition to painting, I decided to try some mail art. I have been reading a blog called Mail Me Some Art for some time now. The blog is put together by someone from Massachusetts, like me. I have been lurking around and trying to get up the guts to take part in one of Karen's swaps. I decided to submit a few envelopes for one of her last swaps. They were REALLY basic but I figured if I got my foot in the door I might be inspired to try another swap. 
    So, I did. This swap was for postcards featuring tape. I have a whole bunch of washi tape that I just stare at wishing I could make something pretty. Here's what I came up with:

My favorite is the black and white one. Advice- I was thinking of holding the love one vertically and adding a heart in a contrasting color. Should I add it or leave it like it is? Or even a black outline of a heart? I'm afraid of adding something and then hating it.

    As for incoming mail, I received this delightful card from Germany. I wish my mailbox was as cute as this one!

If I'm translating correctly, it says something to the effect of- Like cool water to the thirsty, so is good news from a far away country.  I love it!

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