Friday, July 25, 2014

Mail art card and received postcrossing cards. Anyone from Finland?

    The past few days we had a mailman who was not our normal postal worker. I got no mail. Not even bills, fliers, etc. Today my mailbox had some treats. Here are 2 postcrossing cards I received. This one is from Finland, a country I have decided I would eventually like to visit.

Those curious little creatures are called Moomins. They're well known in Finland and I have written about them before on the blog. I also liked the stamp and her Postcrossing sticker. I love getting stuff with Postcrossing on it. 

     This card came from Germany. It says "Where is the wrong note?" Can you find it?

 I got this card the other day. I especially loved the Titanic stamp. I hadn't seen that one before.

    One of the cards I was asked to send this week is headed to Canada. The woman likes to make mail art and with my new gelli plate I thought maybe I should make her a card!  So, I did. Here it is:

The colors are more vivid in person. I gelli rolled the background of the card and used bubble wrap to add texture. It looked like a giraffe to me. I added the flower from a Marimekko napkin. (Marimekko is a Finnish design company "renown for its original prints and colours since 1951." Thanks  Apparently it's a Finland day today. While I'm at it- I once had strawberry vanilla soup from Finland. It was instant soup and it was delicious and creamy. If anyone from Finland is reading, I'd love to do a swap for some soup.) Then I made the tiny house with scraps from gelli printing, a Sharpie, white chalk pen and the heart is made from nail polish. I got the house idea from this incredibly talented mixed media artist. She wrote a blog post about it here.  I hope the woman I sent it to likes it. It's simple compared to some of the things I see that get mailed but I liked it. 
     In other news, Timmy starts another baseball tournament tomorrow. Woot woot! Hope they have a great time and play well. Some of the boys are meeting for breakfast before the game. Very cute. (He's 8, they're still cute.) 
    Alright, off to do my devotionals and tidy up the kitchen a little bit. 

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  1. Looooove love LOVE your gelli art, Jennifer! It looks amazing! <3