Saturday, July 26, 2014

Received MMSA Swap

Mail Me Some Art Envelope Swap

Yeah!!! I got my Mail Me Some Art envelope swap today.  On one hand I was slightly embarrassed that my envelopes were painfully simple but you've got to start somewhere. On the other hand, I was so excited that I jumped in to the swap even though I was nervous because I got some beautiful envelopes. It's really interesting to see all the ideas people have and how creative everyone is.  Here they are:
Envelope 1 front:

 Envelope #2.
Envelope #3:

Look what is inside!!!! Cookie recipes :) I can't wait to try them. 

Envelope #4- Front


Envelope #5- Front- Babar


 I made these little postcards to send a quick thank you note to each sender. 

More Kindness

So I was kind of disappointed that nobody else had any more ideas for spreading kindness. When I write, I'm often wondering if anybody actually reads this since I don't have many comments. (Hi Ashley and Sarah, whom I know probably are :) )  I found another group tonight called the ARK Project. You may have seen them on the Today Show. Check them out. The reason I think Random Acts of Kindness are so important to me is that it is a way to show the love of Christ in the world. In the Bible, Jesus says the greatest two commandments are to "Love God with all your heart, all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important 'Love your neighbor as yourself' " Matthew 22:37-39 I, unfortunately, am not the best at always acting loving in every situation. I can judge too quickly, lose patience or just not even realize I'm falling really short of where I should be. Random Acts of Kindness allow me to point to God when I'm asked about why I'm "nice" and to talk about his influence over my life. 

Personal Life

     I think everybody is finally over pneumonia and all the other ailments of the summer.. lol Timmy is playing in a baseball tournament over the next few weeks. David is playing too many games on the computer enjoying being silly around the house with me. The kid loves to dance! It's great to watch Matt cringe as he pities that David has picked up on my awesome moves. I'm learning some athletically challenging ones from him too. Ha ha!  I'm starting to try to get some new lessons put together for school.  Matt and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary on the 1st. 
    I hope that you are well! Have a great night!

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