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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oy! So busy!!!!!

     I just wanted to check in. Life has been insanely busy- even when I'm specifically trying to slow things down.  I have been praying for many of my penpals as they celebrate birthdays, deal with marital struggles, family sicknesses, everyday life, serving in the military, planning for exciting vacations, etc. Please know that I have not forgotten about you.  I will write when I can catch my breath a little!
     So this month I finished being the music director for our school musical. (The Little Mermaid Jr) All in all, the kids did well and I really enjoyed working with them.  I also am planning 3 assemblies for our elementary schools. Next I have to bring some students to our District Festival. Having some workaholic tendencies, I sometimes struggle with not working all of the time.  Honestly, I really love my job too so it doesn't always feel like work.
     On a less hectic note, my little guy turns 5 tomorrow. He is one of the sweetest children I know. He has a beautiful smile and is always extremely helpful. I love his little giggle. Happy birthday!