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Thursday, March 31, 2016

How did you find my blog?

     These past few weeks I have noticed a few changes in the "audience" of my blog.  Normally I will notice traffic sources based on blogs I have commented on, or pages I'm involved with, like Postcrossing. This past month I haven't really written anything interesting on the blog (I intend to write soon, just need to find some free time!) and haven't visited many sites and blogs I am not usually visiting. So, I was wondering-

1) Where are all the new visitors coming from? I have had many views from some countries that I haven't really seen a lot of, is any,  traffic from. This week I've seen some visitors from Lithuania, Poland, and Jordan. I have had the most readers from Canada.

2 )Who are all of you? I'd love to "meet" some new people, so if you have come across this page and you don't know me personally, I'd love if you would say hello and to hear about how you came across the page

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Currently 3/13

       I have been watching no television lately. Life has been busy with work and my personal life. I have found myself observing people though. I have always been a people watcher. The diversity of human beings fascinates me.  I had the pleasure of watching many young musicians at my music ed conference last week and getting to hear their beautiful music. I also observed many colleagues that I greatly respect and admire.  I love seeing the impact some of these great people have on others. Seeing some of the parents watch their children perform in a select group of musicians was also touching.

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson. Timmy read it for a book report once and I like to keep up with what he's reading. It's pretty amusing so far. If you follow me on Goodreads, you may know that I have read some James Patterson but I'm not always super invested in his books. As a matter of fact, I finished Invisible at the beginning of the week. It is slightly disturbing when you're reading a thriller where there is a serial killer (who enjoys torturing his victims before killing them), then you switch to a light-hearted book and realize it's by the same author.  So far I'm enjoying the book written for the kids more than the other book.
Treasure Hunters (Treasure Hunters, #1)

Simon and Garfunkle at the moment.

Music. This morning I subbed as the pianist at my old church. It is a great honor and blessing to be able to make music. It's amazing to me how music has the ability to connect people to one another.

   I have been a little overwhelmed lately, to be honest. I have had a lot of things that have been changes for me, but not a lot of positive things going on. I'm looking forward to this week and hoping for some renewed motivation.

For David's birthday. He'll be 8 on the 20th. He is one of the sweetest kids I know.

      Having some time to think. Thursday and Friday I went to a music ed conference and learned a lot. It was also nice to 1) be surrounded by people who live similar lives to mine and 2) not be surrounded by a few students who have been trying my patience last week. (I know... I don't often say negative things about my students. It was a rough week and I felt very disrespected by a handful of them). Sometimes I need a little "alone time" to pray and to recalibrate.
     I'm also loving the weather being more spring like, though I feel like this winter was totally lame.