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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Recent cards

Here are some recent Postcrossing cards that have come my way. If you are new to the blog (or snail mail), Postcrossing is a postcard exchange site. I have met so many wonderful people on the site and through their mail to me. This is what came in this week:

From Ukraine:
I think this is my first mail from Serbia? 
     It is Milos Obilic, a Serbian hero from the Kosovo battle in 1389 when he killed the Ottoman sultan Murat.  

Lastly, this one is from Russia. This little girl looks a little like me when I was younger. I was way less fashionable though.

     I have been consistently writing this month, which feels great. Now I just have to wait for people to reply (with my luck, all at the same time.) I'm on vacation this week so I plan to catch up on all of my penpals in my "reply" pile.  For now, these are the postcards going in tomorrow's mail- all headed to people who requested me as a friend on Lettermo. Hopefully I'll make some new friends.

    I'm looking forward to having this upcoming week off from school. I will be spending a few days down the Cape with the boys. I'm so excited for a few days of rest and "out of the ordinary."