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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

     Hello friends! Here's the mail updates:


On Saturday I was delighted to find a letter from my penpal Christina, from Germany. Here it is:
She used some Diddl stationary.   Diddl is a cartoon character created by a German artist, Thomas Golentz, in 1990. He is a white mouse big ears and pink soles on his feet. This is Diddlina (I believe).

Also in her letter was this postcard from Iceland. (Reykjavik):
and 2 really nice friendship books. (Angie these are coming to you!)
Pretty cool!

This looks like a nice mail week so far. On Monday I went to the mailbox and found these:
Woohoo! 2 letters. Except it wasn't.  I got a letter from Chandini, a penpal from South Africa, who always writes beautiful letters. Check out her cute stationary:
(That was my hectic summer last year that she was writing about! Poor David.)

The second envelope contained 5 postcards from a new pal who shares my birthday!  I had received a swap sheet a while back and I had never participated before. I sent out 5 postcards to someone whose name was on the sheet and then I replaced her name with mine. Then I passed the sheet on to some pals. This is the first thing I received back so far. It was a surprise to receive so I loved it even more. Unfortunately, the boys apparently "looked at" 2 cards so I'll have to photograph them later since I can't find them. Argh. Here are 3 of the cards she sent:
Boone's Mill- A mill originally built by Daniel Boone's brother, Squire, in 1804.
St. Louis, Missouri- I would love to see the Gateway Arch in person.
I think this was my favorite out of the 5 she sent.The is the Burden Falls in the Shawnee Natural Forest. Thanks Lisa!

Tuesday's mail:
I heard from my friend Jeffrey, from Maryland, who is always great at responding quickly... much better than me. (Sorry everyone!)  Always nice to hear from you!
Lastly, I received a nice Postcrossing card from Oregon. Thanks Carrie! This is The Enchanted Forest by John Anster Fitzgerald (1832-1906)
Wow, I had more to update than I thought. It's late so I'm going to head to bed and leave you in suspense of how The 366 Project is coming along and what mail is outgoing. I will try to update tomorrow or Thursday. Maybe I should bring the laptop to my orchestra rehearsal on Friday. Being a percussionist we usually have tons of rests! (I'm lying here. This concert is kind of like a Pops concert- the percussion section is always working hard and usually could use one more player. Revere Beach, 7pm on Saturday. If you want to see me play, come on down! Regarding other orchestra music, it depends on the period it was written in on whether the percussionists are causing trouble resting or playing a lot.) 



  1. What fabulous mail! You'll be excited to know that my might was devoted to writing your letter :) Be watching, my friend! It will officially be on it's way tomorrow!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that. I totally jinxed myself. I have received NOTHING in the mail this week after the great start of the week.