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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Art- DPP 9-13 and AJT2

   I took some time this week to continue playing with my art challenges. Here are the daily paper prompts.
DPP9- Game
 DPP 10 is stitching. I don't have a sewing machine. Although I would really like to try this, I think it would be a really bad decision for my hand/elbow problems lately. I might have to pass on this one. :(

DPP11- Ogee. I have a problem with drawing symmetrically. Any suggestions?
DPP12- Round
 DPP13a and b- Grid. I like grids- very mathematical.

   I also followed Tammy's art journal tangent for a half empty/half full page. I stepped outside my comfort zone and went to a page of watercolor paper instead of using an index card. The left side shows my biggest "half-empty" issues and my right side shows things I know I have that make me happy. I also have some little things written in in black on the half full side but you can't see them too well. Laughter, mail, chocolate and music are a few of the things written in black. 

    This was my favorite part of the night- David saw me doing some painting and he asked if he could sit down and work with me. He did a book report for school. Well, actually it's a summer reading program run by a bakery. The kids write a report and bring it in. They get a "book buck" and can trade it in for baked goods. Talk about incentive. Anyway, he loves to draw and color so it was really cute.

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