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Monday, December 1, 2014

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

   This year for advent I wanted to make it a priority to slow down and recognize the importance of Christ in the Christmas season. I would like to decorate and o all the fun activities as well but I want to discipline myself to teach my children about the real meaning of Christmas. So, I bought Ann Voskamp's Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.  I was curious if any of the readers of my blog are also studying this book. I say down with the boys tonight to read it and they seemed to really like it. We planted our seeds, wrote our prayer list and Timmy colored the ornament for the Jesse tree. We will alternate who designs each ornament.
     What are you doing to celebrate Advent? Does your family have any Christmas traditions? Special recipes? Share your wisdom!

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  1. We use "Jotham's Journey" and the other two books by this author for advent. We are on the third one this year. My children love them because each day has a "cliffhanger". I also read through the Jesus Storybook Bible, one story each night until Christmas. I'm excited about Ann's new book. I'm getting it for Christmas, so I won't get to use it until next year! We also make a birthday cake for Jesus and shut out the lights, except for the tree, sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and eat cake and drink sparkling cider out of wine glasses. :)
    Have fun celebrating Advent! I love that time at the end of each day.