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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy February (Any other friends participating in Lettermo?)

    The other day one of my friends asked if I had updated my blog recently. The answer- no. When I started blogging, I was blogging mainly to document my 366 project. Since I'm not officially doing that anymore, I haven't really written much. Plus, Matt's camera fell and wasn't working correctly so I've been without a camera.  He may have accidentally fixed it today. Yes!

    So, I guess today's post will just be a bunch of randomness from life.
What have I been up to? 
     I cannot believe it is February already. January was very busy and I basically started February feeling completely exhausted. There hasn't really been anything exciting, just a lot of working hard on everything.  I have tried to challenge myself to learn something new so I'm brushing up on my German (took a year of German in college) and to try to learn Russian. Wow. I struggle with languages. So, if you speak either language, please feel free to write me a letter or card in that language. I'm finding that I can't just learn from reading the rules in a book. I also found that I'm petrified to speak Russian to a native speaker- and that I don't know enough yet. On a positive note, my brain is being stretched in ways it hasn't been in a long time.

What's going on currently?
    Work- Starting the musical. We're doing Peter Pan (one of the Jr versions). So, I will have no free time until the end of April. I'm excited to work with the kids. We had a great group of kids audition for the show. Speaking of auditions, I'm also preparing a bunch of kids for 2 separate music festivals. Those kids also worked very hard. 2 girls will be representing our school at a concert in Boston and 6 kids will be singing in festival in Lowell. Both are in March so now is when the preparation happens. I'm working as the manager of the boys chorus at the 2nd festival. We had auditions for that a few weeks ago and all of the boys who tried out seemed like great guys. I'm excited to work with them. On a negative note, a student I'm pretty close to is moving this month. I will definitely miss seeing him around school. 
     Home- I'm preparing for some work to be done in the bathroom of our apartment. I am imagining a ton of disasters happening over the next week of work, but I think it's because I've never really lived in a place while there are renovations being done. This work desperately needs to be done so please pray that it goes well- and quickly. Work starts Monday. 
     The boys are enjoying school and all their activities. I have felt guilty about not being around as much as I'd like, but now that quarter 2 grades are in, I feel caught up and fully available. They have both been participating in a baseball clinic and it has been fun for me to watch them play again. (Indoors of course) David has also started trying basketball and Tim has been in a boys tap class. 
    Hobbies- Penpalling
  It's Lettermo time again!!!! The Month of Letters Challenge, challenged participants to send at least 1 piece of mail for everyday in February and to write back to everybody who writes you. I have been participating for a few years and have met some amazing people. Actually, my first piece of mail received from Lettermo this year was from its founder, Mary Robinette Kowal- super cool. So far I have sent out 3 Valentines Day cards (my 2 ChemoAngels and my nana), 5 Postcrossing cards, a letter to my sponsor child in Ethiopia and a reply to Mary Robinette. If you like to write, check out the challenge. I know February has already started, but you will love participating.  Are any of you participating in Lettermo this year?

     I have 2 concerts that I am playing in this month. 1 is with an orchestra I usually play with during the holiday concerts. The 2nd is for the symphonic band I was in at college. The director is a huge mentor for me and I'm so grateful that I'm working with him again. You know those moments in life where you realize who you are and things/people that got you to the place you are at? Well, I have been thinking about that a lot while I am playing in this group. 
Art+social-  I have not done any socializing or anything fun with art this past month. Actually, I have tried to reach out an make a few new friends, but sometimes that weird as an adult. 

What's next?
    This month I have a week off. I would like to do something out of the ordinary but I don't have anything planned yet. Sometimes we go to Cape Cod for part of the week. My parents have a time share there. (If you've never been to MA- February is NOT an ideal time to visit the Cape, but it's great for us just trying to spend some family time.)  Currently I'm caught up with work. I have lots of rehearsals for various groups. One of my former ("old" lol) students is treating me to go see Pippin at the Boston Opera House this week.  I'm hoping to complete the Lettermo challenge, finish the books I'm currently reading (Flip the Script and Thunderstruck. Penpal/art friends, check out Flip the Script. It's really interesting and written by an acquaintance of mine.) and prepare for the Districts festival in March.  I'm sorry my life sounds so lame but I think this is one of those "put one foot in front of the other and keep going" times in my life.    

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