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Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall "To Do" List

     I love autumn! The past 2 days have actually been chilly enough for me to 1) have a nice cup of tea in the morning instead of an iced coffee (apparently iced coffee all the time is a very New England thing), 2) put on warm, fuzzy socks and 3) wear a jacket on my way to work.

Family Fall "To Do" List
- Bake apple pie/ Apple crisp
- Make a leaf fort and jump in it
- Celebrate Tim's birthday (10/4)
- Celebrate my birthday (10/13)
- Go to look at the colors of the leaves ("leaf peeping")
- Have a fire pit and make s'mores
- Visit nana (My grandmother on the South Shore of MA)
- Visit Grammy and Papa (My parents in Maine)
- Visit Grammy and Grandpa (Matt's parents in Boston) 
- Snuggle in a cozy blanket
- Drink hot chocolate
- Find some yummy warm drink recipes
- Learn how to make shoo-fly pie
- Go apple picking
- Go hiking/ a walk
- Prepare for my "Thanksgiving tree" at school
- Celebrate Thanksgiving
- Decorate the house for fall
- Have a girls night
- Have a girls breakfast
-Hang out with the Davenports (friends of ours)
-Bring friends for a sundae at Putnam Pantry. 
- Go see a high school football game (and the band at halftime- woohoo!) 
- Make a meal in the crockpot
- Watch a football game on tv and eat snacks (AKA- eat snacks, blame football.. lol)
- Go to a fair/ autumn themed event
- Burn a candle/potpourri that smells like fall
- Enjoy a cup of tea on a chilly morning or evening
- Go trick or treating
- Eat a caramel apple (boys only. I don't like them)
-Watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
-Meet my new niece (coming in October :) )
-Get a massage
-Camp for 1 night (Matt's idea.. SO cold. We'll see.) 
- Make a casserole for dinner.
- Eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast
 - Catch up on my letters

     What are some things your family likes to do in the fall? (Can you tell we like to eat and to cook?) Are there any traditions/events that take place in your area? 

     Speaking of different areas, I've been noticing some interesting visits to my blog lately. I had my first and only visitor from the Isle of Man today. I would love to hear from anyone who visits. Please feel free to comment or send me a message. I'm always interested to read how people got here. 

       Happy autumn! 

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