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Friday, January 5, 2018

The Darkest Evening of the Year

Book 1 of 2018.   All through middle school and high school I read a ton of Dean Koontz books. I recently read an ARC (The Whispering Room) that I got from NetGalley.  This book had been sitting on my TBR shelf for a while so I used it to fulfill the first Keyword Reading Challenge book as well as my first book for the Mount TBR Challenge.
     This book was about a woman named Amy, who after some tragedies in life, had devoted her life to  start an organization to rescue golden retrievers. I know that Mr. Koontz also has a golden retriever and seems to be quite the dog lover. I like animals, but I'm not super passionate about them, so this story line might not have been as impactful to me as it might to some other folks. Amy gets called to rescue a dog named Nickie who brings back a lot of connections to her past. In the meantime, Amy's boyfriend, Brian is also dealing with issues from his past- mainly a psychotic old girlfriend who has custody of his daughter. 
     This story had some good twists in it. If you read a lot of Koontz, you could probably guess which direction some of the story lines will head in. It was not my favorite book of his, but I didn't dislike it either. 
     Book #2 is an advanced reader copy from NetGalley.

Reading Challenge Stats
Mount TBR 1/36
Keyword Reading Challenge 1/12
Goodreads Challenge 1/60

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