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Sunday, June 17, 2018

June reading

I was able to finish a few books this month.
     This is from the Myron Bolitar series, which I have always liked. I have read quite a few Harlan Coben books and this one took a few twists I wasn't really expecting. 

    I read this one for a book club, which then ended up getting canceled. We're hoping to do the book club later in the summer. This is a book that is pretty different than what I usually read. I have never read (or really even watched) anything "noir."  I had quite a few laughs in this story. I haven't really done any book groups before so I'm excited to see what that is like. 
I received an advance reader galley of The Language of Spells from NetGalley. It is about Grisha, a dragon who has just broken free of an enchantment that turned him into a teapot for years, and a little girl named Maggie who lives with her father at a hotel in Vienna. Both characters are told that they would be special, but neither character really understands why they would be considered special.   When Grisha and Maggie learn that there are a group of dragons that have been separated from the other dragons and basically banished, they wonder how they can help. Maggie also wonders how she can enjoy normal,  everyday activities, like eating almond cake at shops, while there are things that are really wrong happening in her city. This book examines themes of friendship, inner strength and the fact that sometimes people need to sacrifice something in their own life for the benefit of the others.

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