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Friday, August 10, 2018

Cards week of 8/6

This card is from Jenny in NY. Ironically, she had just been talking about my town with a co-worker when she was assigned to send me the Postcrossing card!

 John and Annie from Hong Kong sent me this card of the Asian instrument, guqin. They also send some great stamps showing traditional Chinese wedding attire and some national scenery.

Postcard  from Finland about a fairy tale that explains that gnomes are nice and not scary.
Schloss Weilburg an der Lahn. This card is from Poland. I would love to see what the inside of this building looks like!

Another palace, this time from Munich, Germany
     Alena from Russia introduced me to the musician Pelageya. Russian women have such a dark, low sound. Anyone know why that is? I like it.
      Look at this intense guy! This card is from Belgium.
This is from my postcard pal, Sheri. It was 114 degrees there when she wrote this card. I could not survive living in 114 degree weather!
     Today is also received an incredibly encouraging letter from a woman in India whom I've known online. God's timing is amazing and her letter was like fresh air to my soul. Arielle, I'm super grateful!
Another cool owl card sent from Tereza in Czech Republic.

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