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Friday, July 3, 2020


     I missed July 2nd after a sleepless night with a wisdom tooth issue. So, here I am on July 3rd... with one less tooth. Did you know I'm petrified of dentists? That can be your July 2nd fun fact.
    I thought I'd take July to venture into some areas I might not have talked about. I mentioned my gardening hobby the other day. On a related note, I have decided this summer to try composting.  My town, like most others at this point, I think, has a recycling program but I still feel like I have a ton of trash.  Last year my family visited Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. We stayed at an AirBnb and I was slightly surprised when I saw a huge note in their "house rules" about the trash. They have a pretty strict recycling/composting/trash system. There were tiny trash bins everywhere in the house and I thought, surely we will not be able to follow all of these rules. Well, sure enough- we could and I was shocked to see that in our time there we had 1 bag of actual trash.
      During this pandemic, I have tried to think of ways that I could help make the world better in any way. (I know that sounds dorky.) I thought one simple step might be reducing how much waste we send to the trash. Two years ago, a 7th grade teacher at our school had an idea to start composting at school lunches. It's a little bit of a challenge, but I think we're doing a fairly good job at it. We also reduced our trash from something like 8 full trash bags of trash per day to 2 or 3. I figured, if the kids can do it, why can't we? I read somewhere that 30% of trash is usually organic waste. So, at the beginning of the month we got an Earth Machine composting bin. It looks like this:
Click to see full size image.
 It's not exactly pretty, but I put it sort of out of the way in our yard. I've been saving anything from coffee grounds, dead flowers, paper towels and leftovers to go into it. I hadn't thought about being able to throw some of our yard waste in there too before getting the compost bin. I'm happy that this week we only had 1 bag of trash for the week. I'm hoping that this will also give us some soil for the garden next year.
       Do any of you compost? Any advice for things to do (or not do) for a newbie?

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