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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finnish Pasta Mix

     This is just a quick post tonight. Tonight we had the Finnish pasta mix that I received in my food swap.  Here is the package:
Here's what it looked like while cooking.
     This looks less appetizing in the pan :) Here is is on the plate:
   As you can see, it has meat (added to the mix), vegetables, pasta and sauce.It was pretty tasty. It tasted pretty similar to a Sloppy Joe mix in the US, but there was something slightly different. Matt and I liked it. Timmy thought it was alright and Mr. Picky had his 3 "no thank you" bites and politely asked to be excused.

     We ate it with cauliflower (yuck.. don't always love veggies!) and garlic bread. I dipped the garlic bread in the pasta mix and thought that was delicious.

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