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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mushroom Soup

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      It is very difficult to write a blog documenting a mail project when you don't get mail, which is why it has been boring here lately. I'll work on it this weekend to show you more outgoing mail. Now that school has started I have been spending lots of times correcting and preparing for class. (Yes, contrary to the "it must be nice to only work 8-2," "Wow! It must be great to have summers off," and "A music teacher? How fun!" comments I do tons of preparation, assessments and lesson planning- mostly on nights, weekends and *gasp* during the summer) I have still been writing but I have to make sure I keep ahead in work too.
     So, since I haven't gotten any mail this week, I decided to share a soup review. It is a chilly, rainy, autumn day here in Massachusetts so it was perfect for a nice bowl of soup. Timmy, David and I ate it. This soup was sent to me from Annalynne on Postcrossing.  She is from Russia. Here is the soup:
     We have the Knorr brand here in the US too and I have usually liked the brand so I wasn't too nervous about trying the soup. The mushroom on the spoon looks pretty different than the white, button mushrooms I usually eat here. From looking at different varieties of mushrooms, it looks like these are chanterelle mushrooms.  These apparently do grow in the "western North America."  They smell fruity, taste a bit peppery, have a lot of Vitamin C, D and potassium and are thought to have "potential insecticidal properties" which are harmless to humans but not good at all for insects. Yummy sounding so far, huh?  Here's what the soup looked like after I cooked it.
     I apparently need a pretty soup dish since my favorite soup dish has got  chunk out of the rim. Here's what everybody thought:

David: "It was good. I only ate it with my crackers."

Timmy: "A little creamy, but very yummy- especially with Ritz crackers. "

Me: It was pretty good. I liked the taste. It was pretty mild and very creamy. The mushrooms tasted kind of similar to shitake mushrooms, but not quite as tangy. The soup was fairly thick for a powdered soup. When the boys were dipping their crackers in, the soup was piling on top of the cracker rather than dripping through the holes and making the cracker all soggy. There is a slightly strange taste in my mouth now, but I'm assuming that it's just because it's a new flavor that I've never had. I am curious about what Russians (or anybody who was more used to this type of mushroom) would think of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup.

     I'll try to write again at least once this weekend. October will be a fun month. Hopefully I'll blog much more than September. We have Timmy's birthday, my birthday, a local fair, trick or treating, etc. I'm bringing Timmy to see Blue Man group for his gift. I can't wait to see how he likes it. Beginning of another family percussionist? :)  

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