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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Colors...


     So here are some pictures of what my backyard looks like in the fall..

         I got a few great mail days at the end of the week but today I just enjoyed some nice time with my little guys. First we went to church where I served on the worship team with my husband and a few friends. (Favorite song that we sang today  (Great I Am from New Life Worship.. It's high but it is a great song.) We rehearsed at 9:15 and my sons read some books but Timmy ended up coming and singing along during rehearsal. It was a nice moment for me as a mom to listen to my son worshiping with me- especially because he wasn't doing it for attention from anyone. He felt happy that we let him sing along.  After church I got a massage- major luxury for me. It was fantastic! 
     In the afternoon, it was a beautiful, autumn day so I spent some time outside with the family. Timmy and I had a little time swinging on the hammock and looking up at the trees. This year the colors are very pretty. We have a few really yellow trees this year. There is a gorgeous red/orange tree but I can't get a good picture of it. 
     At 6 we had Fall Fun Night at our church. We had 4 outdoor fire pits that we had out in the parking lot. People sat around the fires and talked while eating all the yummy food people brought. We brought a caramel apple pie. There were desserts like pumpkin pie, apple pie, cookies, brownies, fruit cups, trifle (delicious!) and other small pastry-type things. For the other food we had hotdogs that people could roast over the fires, butternut squash, Mediterranean chicken soup, a few types of chili, meatballs and clam chowder. A Korean couple from church also made Korean scallion pancakes, which I really liked too. In addition to the firepits, there was a "leaf ride" (hayride, with a leaf pile in the back instead of hay), face-painting and crafts for the kids. (Nice job Jen if you are reading this) This even is one of my favorite events my church does.I feel very blessed to have such a nice group of friends and family and a wonderful church.
     I will write about mail again soon. I would love to see pictures of your area at this time of year.