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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WOOHOO for October!


     Finally got some mail! I was very excited to come home to a beautiful pile of mail and notes from great friends!
  Here's what came...

A letter, brochure, postcard and tea from Jodie in Australia. I can't wait to try the tea. I am waiting for the next really chilly afternoon!
An answer to a 20 questions tag in Postcrossing. I tagged this person because I randomly found her on Postcrossing and she lives in the next town over from me. It was pretty amusing.
A Friendship Book and letter from Alenka in Slovenia. I'm so excited she wrote back. She's one of the people who waited forever for me to reply when David was bitten by the rabid skunk.  Cute FB!
Postcard from Akiko in Japan. This postcard is from her hometown of Sendai. I was so concerned for her family during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Penpalling really allows you to experience global events in a completely different way when you have friends who are living in the midst of what's going on. Akiko- still grateful for your friendship and very appreciative that your family was as good as can be expected. I can't wait to hear about your trip!
Lastly, this is a Postcrossing mystery envelope. This is one of the round robins that travel to 8 people and return to the original sender. This sender is from Australia. She sent stamps, a keychain (in the organza bag), a woven Turkish bookmark, a sparkly pen, NYC lip gloss, a koala memo pad, tea, an owl message holder, Australian magnet/pin (Taped together at top) and a postcard.

   As part of the Mystery Envelope, you take out what you want and replace it with an equal amount of items. I am taking the bookmark and the lipgloss and I'm putting in:
This colored scarf. It has a leaf print.  Here's the stamp but a little closer:
    I also have 3 letters headed out to my soldiers!


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