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Friday, July 5, 2013

Package from Germany...

    Ok.. so on a bad note, I'm totally behind in tracking my mail so I'm going to start counting things as I sort through them. I'm way ahead of my numbers right now.


    I was super excited to see a package I had been expecting from my good friend Jenny in Germany. Not only did she send a great letter, as always, but she also sent some yummy chocolate, marzipan, and a really cute notebook. I love the Ritter chocolate. I'm eating 1 little square a day; rather... I'm trying to eat 1 little square a day. 


    I just have 2 intro letters going out to new soldiers. Nothing visually interesting :) 

The 366 Project:

Received: 37
Sent: 86

Other stuff...

     I'm home for the summer so I have a lot more free time. I have enjoyed spending it with family and friends. This week we celebrated Independence Day. I "adopted" a few more soldiers to write to on Adopt A US Soldier.  I also have adopted a soldier at Any Soldier. A few of my soldiers have returned home to the states so I looked to support some more people.
     Yesterday my kids, along with some friends, rode in the Horribles Parade. They won an award and were very excited... and hot.
         Earlier this month I got to go see a former student of mind on Broadway. I was so proud. I went to see him in April in the ensemble but  I went back to see him as the lead a few weeks ago. He's in Cinderella and he's such a great guy. His name is Andy Jones, keep an eye out for him! If you have a chance to go see it, you should!  Everybody that I met in the cast seemed like really down to earth, kind people.

   What are you all doing for the summer? Anything good?  I look forward to hearing from everybody.

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