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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Redditgift and Sky Lantern Festival card


     I had 2 great items in the mail this weekend.  The first is this package:
   This package was sent to me from Timothy, a Redditgifts friend. He was kind enough to sign up for the reddit teacher gift exchange- where a redditgift user buys some items for a teachers classroom without expecting anything in return. Each user is provided with a wishlist so they have an idea of what to buy. The person who was assigned to me sent me 3 sets of xylophone mallets for my general music classes, an 8-pocket folder to help me organize my paperwork and The Hunger Games- just for me :)  I am humbled by the fact that a total stranger would help me and my students. Thanks, Timothy!

    The 2nd item was a Postcrossing card from Karen in Taiwan. It is the Sky Lantern Festival in Pingsi, Taipei, Taiwan. The people make lanterns and send their wishes/prayers away with them.  This picture doesn't look as nice as the postcard. Thanks, Karen!


    I have been doing better with my mail. Every Sunday night, I write letters to my 4 soldiers and an e-mail to my 5th soldier. I have finally finished my letter to Ashley and plan to send it out tomorrow. I have also written numerous postcards. I have not done a great job keeping the log of incoming and outgoing numbers.  


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