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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hello Taiwan!

    Today I checked my blog statistics and usually I have a lot of views from the United States, Germany, The Netherlands, the Ukraine and a few other places. Lately I have noticed a few new places- Serbia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.  Today, I have apparently had 50 views from Taiwan- my guess is that it is because of the Sky Lantern Festival post. So, hello to all of you people from all over the world. Feel free to drop me a note to say hello and introduce yourself. I love learning about new places and about how people live in general. What's going on in your little area of the world? What did you do today?
     It has been a while since I posted. My laptop cord got severed so I couldn't charge my battery. I bought a new one so I'm back now!  I figured I'd just check in to say hello and put up some pictures of some of my recent mail.


    Here are my outgoing Postcrossing cards today. They are all going to either Russia or Germany. (I get those 2 countries a lot when I'm assigned to send a card!)
The men are the Ted, Bobby and John F. Kennedy (if you didn't know), the author William Hardy and I don't know the blue man- it was a piece of art from 2002.


    The first 3 are from the same person. They are sent from a Postcrosser from Russia. The first shows The Friendship Monument and "The Bridge of Love" in the park named after Salavat Yulayev.
 This one shows a boy playing the kurai, which is an instrument made from a special plant which grows in Bashkertestan. I had never heard of this instrument before, though I had seen pictures.
      Lastly, here is the Opera and Ballet theatre where Rudolf Nuriyev got his start. Cool.
     I really liked this next card too. This is from Susanne, who attended the Postcrossing meet-up in Essen, Germany. As you probably guessed, a meetup is just what it sounds like- a whole bunch of people who are involved in Postcrossing get together to meet in person, write some cards and sometimes do something fun. I went to a Postcrossing meetup of some Massachusetts postcrossers. We went out for coffee and I had a really nice time. I would love to do another one :)


    Just because I'm chatty- it's a beautiful day here in Massachusetts. Many of the leaves are starting to change to their autumn colors. The air is cooler and I am starting to really enjoy being outside. School is in session for both of the kids (and me too since I'm a teacher). Both boys are loving school so far, which I'm extremely grateful for!  I'm incredibly busy and a little stressed but still happy.
     Timmy's birthday is coming up on Friday and mine is on the 13th so there will be too much a lot of cake and ice cream going around.  

    Today we are just getting some things down around the house and resting after a super-long week. We had Boy Scouts last night. The boys made Lego cars and raced them. They had a nice time. It is nice to kind of stick around the house for today. I wish the day was more productive but it's probably good for a bit of a mental break. :)
     Have a blessed day!

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