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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas cards/postcards

Christmas cards/postcards

    I took part in a secret Christmas card exchange on Postcrossing. I sent 15 cards and will receive 15. I really like to share my postcrossing adventures with some of my students so all of my cards received up until 12/20 are posted on my office door so they can see them. Here are the ones I've received over the last few days:

This wasn't part of the Postcrossing secret card exchange but it is a Postcrossing card. I love the different shape and it is glittery too. Thanks, Maire!
 From Belarus...
From Hank in Marietta, Georgia. There is a recipe for peanut butter pie on the back.
 I love this one. It is from Russia.
 This one is 3D and is from The Netherlands
 From my dear friend Wendy in the US.
 From Russia.
    Happy Christmas Eve Day!

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