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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Mail Day


     I have had a quite a few things go out in the mail this past week. Knowing how behind I am, I tried to push myself a bit. The first "bunch" of mail went to all of the kids in my church. We just started a new youth program for kids 1st-12th grade. It's pretty awesome to be involved with these dynamic youths. They are a great group of kids. Our team (who will be working with them all) sat down last week to write them all a quick note telling them that we are excited they'll be with us or inviting them to join. There were 25 letters in all.
     I also sent a package to one of my soldiers. It had some snacks and a letter. Unfortunately, I sent it and then got a "mail stop" order the next day. Hopefully he'll get it.
     Lastly, I sent out 9 postcrossing cards.  Tomorrow I will send out 2 postcrossing cards and 1 in response to the card I just got from Latvia. I got them all while on vacation (now) down in Cape Cod.  These are the 3 I'm sending:
 Headed to the Czech Republic
 to Canada (wrote while I watched the US Women's Hockey team playing Canada. Sadly, they lost but both teams played hard.)
 to Latvia


Some great postcrossing cards. This one is from Latvia. I used to collect Madame Alexander dolls and this card reminded me of them. Love the costumes! I don't have many cards from Latvia.
This next card is from China. The site itself is from Cambodia. It is another UNESCO card. This card shows Angkor Wat. I also loved the stamps on this card, especially the fish one.

    Lastly, I got this neat card from India. I think Indian dance is beautiful so I was excited to get this card.

   In addition to my postcrossing cards, I also got a letter from my pal Katherine in Australia. Love the hedgehog stamp!!!

The 366 Project:

Sent: 52
Received: 18 

February 20 is the 51st day of the year so I guess I'm back on track in mail sent! That's kind of nice to realize... now don't let me get behind again. :)

"Bonus" pic

    I'm just including this pic of me and my little guy, David, because I like it. This was us at his "sweetheart tea" at school. I love his cute little smile and his twinkly eyes.  He's the sweetest kid.

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