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Friday, October 31, 2014

End of 31 Days

     I'm really proud of myself for finishing out the 31 days series and posting every day. I have learned a few things:
1) I always have things to be joyful for, even when I'm not happy.
2) I have a difficult time writing about 1 topic for a long time- especially if it's not something I'm really passionate about.
3) I really enjoy connecting with other bloggers and learning their stories.
4) I'm not interested in becoming a well known blogger, but I wish that my blog reached more people or that more people commented.
5) I will try to write a bit more in depth on some topics and I would like to work on saying what I need to say in a more concise way.
     Thanks to The Nester for the challenge. I really enjoyed stretching myself!

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