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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Big Hero 6

    Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to see an advance showing of Big Hero 6 with Matt and the kids. We saw it in 3D, which was cool.  Big Hero 6 is about a 14 year old boy genius named Hiro Hamada. After graduating high school at the age of 13, Hiro decides he wants to spend his life profiting from battling his homemade robots. His brother, Tadeshi, feels that he could be doing so much more with his talent so he brings Hiro to "Nerd School" where he is introduced to Tadeshi's friends as well as the high tech inventions they are all working on. Baymax, the fluffy, white, balloon-like robot, is Tadeshi's project, a healthcare robot that inflates and will not stop serving you until you inform him that you are satisfied with your care.  Hiro decides that he wants to attend school here but is worried that he won't get in because of his age.
    In order to impress the head of the department, Hiro invents "Microbots," which have many uses and can be controlled through a neurotransmitter.  Unfortunately, after the unveiling of these microbots, tragedy strikes and Hiro finds himself heart-broken and without his microbots. He withdraws and seemingly gives up on his new plans.
    Without giving too much up about the plot, Baymax befriends Hiro and some of his new friends from "Nerd School" join together to investigate the incident that caused Hiro's withdrawal. Big Hero 6 was a story of healing, forgiveness, love, and friendship. I thought it had many good messages and it was full of laughs. I would recommend it to almost anyone. In fact, I might fo to see it again in the theaters.  (*Spoiler* It does have the whole Disney- let's have a big tragedy and go back to being happy again aspect, which could obviously lead to questions or discussion from younger children but if you've seen other Disney movies, you've probably had that conversation already.. Message me if you want specific details)

 Timmy's (9) review:
"I would recommend Big Hero 6 to people who may have had some loss. I liked all of it. There was nothing wrong with it. I really liked it. I loved Baymax. He was so cute. He's like a big, warm marshmallow.  The friends of Hiro are very kind and they really care about him."

David's (6) Review:
"I liked it! My favorite character is Baymax because he's funny. The cool part was where the little bots were chasing Hiro because it was in 3D."


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