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Friday, November 7, 2014

Outgoing November mail and random musings

Outgoing mail:

So far my mailbox has been very sad in November. As I read once, send good mail to get good mail. I decided to get ahead in my Postcrossing. Check this out! Outgoing to Sweden, Finland, Italy, China, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Singapore, Belarus, Ukraine and the US.  
  In addition to the Postcrossing cards, there is 1 to a student who has been out sick all week and 1 to a new friend who I have convinced to try Postcrossing! I also have a cards for one Chemo Buddy and an intro letter to another Chemo Buddy as well as a card for his mom. He's 16. I'm actually really excited to be paired with him. Lastly, I'm mailing Missy the book she won in my giveaway. 
    Tomorrow morning I'm going to set up a mail log, kind of like this.  Ashley, I'm still working on your letter. I haven't forgotten you. I think this will greatly help me in the management of papers that come in and our of my house. 

Random musings this week:

1) I while back I misplaced my journal. I don't keep a diary but I do a little work with my Bible reading and devotions in there. I find that I get off track without having it. I need to find it. I won't start a new one because I'm OCD about things like that. 
2) I also realized that I am not myself when I'm not penpalling. Apparently it is very therapeutic to me. :) I really miss feeling like I know what is going on with people. I am friends with many of my pals on Facebook but, truthfully, letter writing is a lot less shallow than reading something quick on Facebook- or writing knowing that every acquaintance you have will also be reading it. 
3) I am lucky to have my students. I ended my day with 15 8th grade boys today who are just truly good kids. There are a few of them that have given me a few gray hairs over the past few years but generally they are very gentlemanly towards me. I have also had some really great conversations with a few 8th grade girls this week. The younger students I have don't know me as well but their enthusiasm when they see me every day makes me smile.  Another student's family (She and her brother sing for me) got my family advance tickets to go see Big Hero 6. How awesome is it that they thought enough about me to consider giving my whole family a night out? I'm really blessed.
4) We had a lockdown drill at school today. I hate that kids in this generation (and teachers) have to get used to things like this and have to actually worry about the issues they do.
5) This week started off really badly. It reminded me about the importance of letting people know how much you care about them. We only get one chance in life. Sometimes the things that you don't say to someone or decide to wait to say might be the words that they have REALLY needed to hear- even if it's nothing important (to you).  Never pass up the opportunity to be the one who spreads kindness.
6) Do yourself a favor and read this post by Hannah Brencher. *Hugs*


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